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Bernardi farmhouse extends for 60 hectares, which are cultivated in open fields in the heart of Romagna. All the fruit and vegetables – cultivated and harvested in this place – are processed by Bernardi srl, which guarantees the packaging inside its IFS and Global Gap certified factories. Priority is to provide our customers with healthy, high-quality, controlled products, which are cultivated according to the seasonality and respecting workers and environmental sustainability. Our direct production differs during the year in order to offer the best seasonal product, both in winter and in summer.

All the summer cultivations follow the zero residue production guidelines: we use only bio products and essential oils for fertilization and pest prevention.  The use of mulch and irrigation hose allow to reduce water consumption and prevent the growth of weeds.

Also during the winter, we are committed to offering not only good product, but also safe: the production of this period of the year follows the guidelines that provides a rebate of 70% of the chemical residues of plant-protection product over the limit laid down by the law.

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