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Respect for the environment and the conscious use of resources are issues increasingly felt in our sector: for several years the trend is dictated by the search for ecological solutions and with reduced environmental impact, especially as regards the use of chemicals and the use water resources.

In this, Bernardi has always been at the forefront: dealing with soil and land, we care about the nature that gives us every day the best fruit and vegetables. Sustainability is a main value of our work. Respect for the principles of integrated pest control, the use of cultivation techniques respectful of land, the conscious use of water, cold storage rooms with high energy efficiency: all these things allow us to offer good, safe and responsible fruit and vegetables every day.

In producing our fruit and vegetables, we make a consciously use of water resources: we succeed through innovative cultivation techniques, the use of water-based channels dedicated to open field cultivation and soil mulching. Through the soilless cultivation, we safeguard the field, reducing the land consumption. Greenhouses and technologies allow us to recreate circular economies in which every still not-used resource is not wasted but is part of the production cycle.

We pay particular attention to the use of pesticides, plant-protection products, heavy metals and other products for the defence of crops: all our producers, to become our partners, sign an agreement that sets precise limits and criteria for the use of these substances in addition to those laid off by current regulations.

Our commitment is not limited to field or greenhouses where Bernardi’s produce is cultivated: in our productional plant we store fruit and vegetables in high energy efficiency fridge cells. Also, the produce of Bernardi is packed and wrapped with packaging in recycled and recyclable materials and we are always constantly looking for the most suitable solutions to satisfy our customers respecting the environment.

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