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The commitment of Bernardi: safety, sustainability and goodness

Choosing Benardi’s produce means choosing quality, safe and environment-friendly products, which respects also the workers. The Bernardi quality is curated in every step of production and processing to satisfy the expectations of our customers. Thanks to a team of selected agronomists, Bernardi sets the technical guidelines and chooses the most effective cultivation methods that guarantee the genuineness of products and a sustainable use of resources.

We care about the environment and make sustainability one of our main values. Our producers follow the Global GAP standards, which accurately outline good agricultural practices to offer a quality, safe and traceable product that respects the environment and health of workers.

The safety of the fruit and vegetables of Bernardi is guaranteed by regular and strict sample checks of the residues of pesticides and heavy metals on all products, respecting the limits imposed by the regulations and going even further: our special line La Bella Stagione is designed to offer only zero-residue products.

The selection of the best products, faultless and free of impurities, is preceded by the evaluation of fruit and vegetables sugar level, the analysis of the texture of the pulp, the verification of the absence of cracks of the peel and all the necessary quality controls in order to guarantee the goodness of Bernardi products.

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