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Selection of suppliers

Each supplier of the Bernardi range products is accurately selected with the help of our quality experts. In addition to type and seasonality of product, the selection accounts of the production areas, exclusively Italian.

All the supplier companies are measured according to competencies and expertise, but also other aspects are considered very important, as for example: the presence of product certifications, quality of goods, the use of automatized control system and the policy of not using chemical pesticides and heavy metals.
All the Bernardi suppliers certify the commitment, signing an official agreement on standard and criteria to maintain with our company. Their work and activities are constantly verified by our consultants and agronomists. Especially, producers guarantee their commitment to comply with common standards of food safety and treatment of workers.

A safe product…

All the fruit and vegetables of Bernardi must be cultivated making integrated pest controls. We ask to all the producers to track all the plant-protection and fertilise treatments, as well as the primary agricultural products and the technical means used. The final product must be OGM free and must have a percentage of pesticide and environmental contamination residues below the limits laid down by the law and the production agreements. In addition, products must be suitable to be processed and marketed, according to the regulatory requirements and criteria laid down by our company and the clients.

…on the respect of workers

We require all providers maximum effort in sharing all the ethical values, aimed at counteracting all forms of discrimination related to race, class, origin, religion, genre, disability, sexuality, trade-union or political affiliation of workers. We make sure that recruitment, working hours, salary, workplace safety and layoffs are conducted in compliance with concerning national rules.

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