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Processing differentiation and manual packaging

In accordance with the current rules, Bernardi uses tailored solutions to make a punctual and constant control of the hygienic level of the entire productive plant and the equipment used for processing.

The whole manufacturing and packaging processes of our fruit and vegetables follows the directives established by IFS Food standard regarding hygiene, safety and quality. IFS Food is one of the international standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), whose goal is to improve and promote food safety along the supply chain.

We use a differentiated processing treatment, respecting the peculiarities of each product. Upon selection, the products ready to be delivered are stored in our refrigerated cells at controlled and differentiated temperatures: in doing this, we reduce energy waste in a consistent way, ensuring respect for the environment.

Fruit and vegetable processing phase ends with the manual packaging of the goods, respecting the needs of our customers. Our staff carefully put every product in wooden or plastic boxes, film covered trays, flowpack trays, clip trays or clamshells, except the use of specific containers provided by the same customers. The company has a weigh-price labeller machine to pack fixed-weight and variable-weight products according to requests.

The staff tasked at these stages of processing is highly qualified thanks to the long-term experience gained in the company and targeted trainings that allow them to operate safely and in compliance with all HACCP standards and IFS food standards.

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