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Asparago Verde Green Asparagus
Asparago Verde Green Asparagus
Green asparagus

Green, Green-purple

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Bernardi, Bernardi Bio, B*Green

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Bernardi is an Italian reference company for the wholesale purchase of quality fruit and vegetables.
Are you interested in a supply of green asparagus or other products?

Widespread since the time of the first civilizations, the asparagus is a spring vegetable and belongs to the family of Liliaceae, which includes over 240 species. Its base is composed of main roots, fleshy and long, on which further thinner and shorter ramifications grow, with function of absorbing nutrients.


Once washed thoroughly, it is possible to preserve asparagus, immersing the stems into cold water for a few hours before storing them in refrigerator.

Interesting facts

A concentration of wellness
Asparaguses are among the richest sources of nutrients and vitamins. The consumption of asparaguses is highly recommended to diabetics because of their capacity to produce insulin and the consequent reduction of blood glucose level.

Food festivals

Wild or cultivated asparagus can be tasted in the month of May, between the areas of Piave and Sile, during the food festival “Germogli di Primavera”.

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